Halo 4 update: Action Sack playlist to offer Lightning CTF, Rockets & Rails, general mayhem

7th Mar 2013 | 14:55

Halo 4 update: Action Sack playlist to offer Lightning CTF, Rockets & Rails, general mayhem

Balanced odds? An even, gradually escalating challenge factor? Pah. 343's next Halo 4 matchmaking update has no truck with such noobish trifles. The update introduces the Action Sack playlist, which introduces a bevy of new and rather deranged-sounding competitive multiplayer modes.

Those modes that have been confirmed for release are listed below, care of the latest Halo Bulletin. As somebody who reacts to the presence of heavy ordinance by running in circles, bellowing like a wounded cow, I'm getting the shakes already.

Binary Slayer
Binary Slayer features decreased gravity, increased speed, sniping and lots and lots of thrusting. Check out the link above to learn how to build this game type through custom game options and play with your friends before the playlist goes live next week.

Lightning CTF
Your starting weapon is the LightRifle and one shot - anywhere - kills. With a 5-second respawn, touch Flag return and no motion sensor, Lightning CTF brings an entirely new Capture the Flag experience to Action Sack and Halo 4. Also, the Flag carrier keeps the LightRifle out when running the Flag!

Rockets & Rails
This new game mode features 3 things: Rocket Launchers, Railguns and Jet Packs. Oh, and it also has lots of explosions.

Team Fiesta
Everyone loves parties - especially big parties with lots of random weapons. Fiesta is back, so you can now kill and be killed by the entire Halo 4 sandbox in one single game.

These may not be the only modes you'll find in Action Sack. "We're currently building many more Action Sack game modes, some of which will launch with the playlist on Monday, and others that will be introduced in upcoming weeks," recounts the Bulletin. "Be on the lookout for the final Matchmaking update on Monday, which will detail all of the playlist's modes and maps."

The Halo 4 team are "also in the process of finalizing our FFA playlist, which will feature both Infinity Rumble and Rumble Pro on a wide variety of maps, including specifically tuned on-disc and Majestic DLC map variants. We'll post additional details closer to the playlist's launch."

Right then. Who's up for some Rockets and Rails? I like to be on first name terms with my targets before I explode them.

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