DmC: Devil May Cry video: "the best Devil May Cry since Devil May Cry 3"

14th Nov 2012 | 12:48

We already knew that Matt likes him some Devil May Cry, but the sheer extent of his adoration wasn't apparent till now. OXM's latest video shows the new, punk rocker Dante majorly harshing some demonic buzz by way of scythes, swords, axes and pistols, while Mr Lees rattles on in the background like a doting aunt.

I've also played the game - right up the halfway point, in fact - and I can corroborate its awesomeness. The plot is as brash as those of prior Devil May Cry games, but introduces a jazzy, unpretentious element of social critique, and the combat is an Aladdin's lamp of possibilities. Just look at those combos.

Xbox 360 360
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